Community Projects

The M David Katz Company has a mission to enhance the Tampa Bay community and has organized the following initiatives:

networkinglogoNetworking Tampa Bay Events– A directory for all networking events from Sarasota to Wesley Chapel. Events are listed at no charge, and sponsorship opportunities are available.

Tampa Bay is Awesome– Tampa Bay is Awesome is a presence dedicated to everything fun, appetizing, and entertainment based in our area.
We believe that by promoting and exposing all the great stuff  our area has going on we will be able to strengthen our area’s local and nationally perceived experience.

Our Goal:

Create a promotional tool with independent segments and followings for all our highly trafficked night spots a tourist based entities to utilize. These geographic areas will receive exposure from on a regular basis through various marketing mediums.

Sponsorship opportunities are available as well as participation in our weekly giveaways.

Subsidiary Presences: