Ideas for Growing Your Business

Growing your business is the goal of all business owners, what reason would you have to own the business after all if it’s not growing and making money? Often times owners have the desire to grow but don’t know what steps to take or where to go to get help in achieving those goals. There are lots of ways to grow your business but choosing the way that’s right for you can depend on your business itself, your resources, the amount of time and money you are willing to invest, and the amount in which you want to grow. If you’re ready to take the next step check out these tips.

  1. Open another location.This is often the first way business owners approach growth. If you feel confident that your current business location is under control, consider expanding by opening a new location.
  2. Offer your business as a franchise or business opportunity. Franchising your business will allow for growth without requiring you to manage the new location. This will help to maximize the time you spend improving your business in other ways, too.
  3. Offer or add a new service.One of the easiest but often forgotten ways is to add a new service. Having trouble deciding what that service might be? Listen to your clients. What kinds of things are they asking of you that you don’t currently provide? Has a client recently asked if you could do something for them and you said no? These are the kinds of services that your clients are wanting so why not give it to them.
  4. Create a strategic business alliance.Aligning yourself with a similar type of business can be a powerful way to expand quickly. Think of your target market and their behaviors. Where do they shop? What other products and services do they buy? If you’re a gym, reach out to a local organic foods store and create some sort of referral system or partnership.
  5. Diversifying is an excellent strategy for growth, because it allows you to have multiple streams of revenue that can often fill seasonal voids and increase sales and profit margins. Here are a few ways to diversify:
    • Sell complementary products or services that add value to what already exists
    • Teach education, classes, or seminars related to your product or service
    • Place your products in other public places or bring in additional products from another business
    • Become a paid public speaker or submit writings to a published journal
  6. Add and additional demographic or target market.Explore markets similar or parallel to the one you’re already attracting. Get creative and see what other markets could benefit from your product or service.
  7. Merge with or acquire another business. Do your research. Find companies that may be similar to yours or have complimentary offerings and consider the benefits of acquiring the company.
  8. Expand your Internet presence. This is the time to really sit down and look at your Internet presence. Make sure you have great SEO to lead customers to you from search engines. Think about your ideal client and what social media channels they might exist on and start interacting and creating a brand in those places.
  9. Attend more networking events. Start looking into events in your local area that may contain the types of clients you are looking for. Create a great pitch and take lots of business cards. Your ideal client may not event know you exist yet so get out there and get known.
  10. Host customer appreciation/new customer events. might exist Thank your exisiting customers and encourage them to bring you new clients. This is a great 2-for-1 idea because your current clients feel appreciated and will continue to come to you AND you also will receive new business by doing so.
  11. Contact The M David Katz Company. Whether you are in a building phase, growing phase or managing phase of your business, The M David Katz Company will apply 35 years of experience to your business and your vision. Contact us today at 813.302.1700 or